Inlet Manifolds


Ecotec V6 Holley Hi-Ram

We have designed our own Ecotec V6 Inlet manifold based off the Holley Hi-Ram Manifold that is made for LS based engines. We custom fabricate these Manifolds using a Holley Hi-Ram Top and moulding it to suit the Ecotec V6 Lower Intake manifold. The manifolds are made to an LS2 based 90mm or 102mm Throttle Body. We have a few options for the Manifold to tailor it to suit your needs. Testing is currently underway and we will have Dyno results shortly. Pricing and Options are as follows:

  • Raw and Bare Manifold (Comes in Raw Alloy, Single 4 Port Vac Plate, Accelerator Bracket) $1650.00

  • 2 pak Painted in any Colour of your Choice (Smoothed all over , Primed and Painted) +$650.00

  • Powder Coated (Certain Bold Colours Only eg: Black, Silver, White, Red, etc) +250.00

  • Extra 4 Port Vac Plate +$80

  • Aeroflow Billet Throttle Body +$550.00

  • Custom Accelerator Cable to Suit Commodore +165.00

Holley Hi-Ram EcotecHolley Hi-Ram Ecotec 3Holley Hi-Ram Ecotec 1Holley Hi-Ram Ecotec 2Holley Hi-Ram Ecotec 4

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