VT-VZ V8 Performance Packages

Performance Pack 1

  • Maf/Mafless Tune     


Performance Pack 2

  • VCM Over the Radiator Cold Air Induction kit

  • Maf/Mafless Tune


Performance Pack 3









  • Custom Grind Camshaft

  • Heavy Duty Valve Springs

  • Heavy Walled Chro Moly Pushrods

  • Double Row Timing Chain or Cloyes Z Single Chain

  • Mellings Oil Pump

  • Timing Case Cover Gasket Kit 

  • ARP Crank Bolt

  • GM MLS Head Gaskets

  • Head Bolt kit

  • New Lifters

  • Water Pump Gasket Kit

  • Mafless Tune

  • Repsol 10/40 Oil

  • Ryco Oil Filter

  • NGK Spark Plugs

  • Labour


Package 2 & 3 require Extractors, Hi Flow Cats and a Twin 2.5″ Exhaust as a minimum to achieve best results.
If you would like prices on an Exhaust system feel free to Email us or call us for prices 


    • Hi Josh…. Thanks for visiting our web site. We have only got the VZ alloytec kits available. To do a VE kit we would need your car.


    • We have our last vz kit available. We will only be doing turbo manifolds from now on. The kit comes with turbo, manifolds, wastegate, oil and water lines, dump pipe, intercooler and plumbing. The kit is available for $6500. Cheers

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