Pro Flow Fab Holley Hi-Mang Inlet Manifold

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*Please note, due to the price rise in Holley products, this has affected our price on our intake.

We have designed our own Ecotec V6 Inlet manifold based off the Holley Hi-Ram Manifold that is made for LS based engines. We custom fabricate these Manifolds using a Holley Hi-Ram Top and moulding it to suit the Ecotec V6 Lower Intake manifold. The manifolds are made to an LS2 based 90mm or 102mm Throttle Body. This manifold helped our VT XU6 LAGSUX make close 1000hp on the dyno. Pricing and Options are as follows:

  • Raw and Bare Manifold (Comes in Raw Alloy, Single 4 Port Vac Plate, Accelerator Bracket) $2500.00


  • 2 pak Painted in any Colour of your Choice (Smoothed all over , Primed and Painted) +$650.00


  • Powder Coated (Certain Bold Colours Only eg: Black, Silver, White, Red, etc) +250.00


  • Extra 4 Port Vac Plate +$80


  • Aeroflow Billet Throttle Body +$550.00


  • Custom Accelerator Cable to Suit Commodore +180.00


These are Custom Order. Please expect 10 weeks lead time