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Boost Ready 4.8/5.3L


Our Boost Ready Engines have the following:

  • Stripped, Cleaned, Washed and Reassembled¬†
  • Ring Gap Opened to our Specifications
  • New Big End Bearings Fitted
  • ARP Head Studs & Rod Bolts
  • Genuine GM MLS Head Gaskets
  • Lunati Gold Double Valve Spring Kit (Inc: Titanium Locks, Seats, Retainers and Viton Valve Stem Seals)
  • Lunati/Morel Link Bar Lifters
  • Custom Turbo Specific Camshaft (Stage 2 or Stage 3 depending on set up)
  • Heavy Walled Chrome Moly Pushrods
  • Double Row Timing Chain
  • Mellings Oil Pump
  • All Clearances Checked
  • Timing Case Cover Gasket Kit
  • ARP Crank Bolt
  • New Rocker Cover Gaskets
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Product Description

Our Boost Ready Engines have made some big power with the right boost set up. We have ran 9’s in a full weight VY Sedan. 8’s are possible with these engines in a light weight car.

Engines come standard with 24 tooth Reluctor Wheel. Engines come without Crank & Cam sensors