Haltech Products

As one of Haltech’s Platinum Dealers, we want to give you not only the best prices but also the best service.

We can Supply, Fit and Tune your next Haltech ECU and associated products. We specialize in fully setting up a vehicle with all of Haltech’s awesome products. 

Get your vehicle up to date with the latest technology….. Give us a call and let us help you pick the right Haltech ECU for your vehicle.

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Racepak IQ3 Display Dash 

Racepak IQ3 Logger Dash 








Haltech Platinum Sprint 500  

sprint 500










Haltech Paltinum Sport 1000 ECU 








Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 ECU 












Platinum Sport 2000 IQ3 Street Kit $3562.00

(Includes ECU, Choice of Harness, IQ3 Display Dash, Wideband & Sensor)


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