Boost Ready Ecotec V6

We build our Ecotec V6 engines tough! Since 2004 we have been known for our Turbo V6 packages. We believe this engine package is a result of years of Research and Developement. Pushing the envelope with the standard engines we were able to find the Ecotecs weak spots and improve and strengthen each and every aspect. This engine package is even in our own VT Turbo HSV XU6.











Our Boost Ready Engines have the following:

  • Block Stripped, Acid Washed and Crack Tested

  • Crank & Camshaft Tunnels Line Honed

  • Torque Plate Bored & Honed

  • Custom Oil Gallery Modifications

  • ARP Main stud kit

  • Blance Shaft Removal

  • New Cam Bearings

  • New Main Bearings

  • Rear Main Seal Kit

  • Crank shaft Crack tested & Linished

  • Arias Forged Pistons & Rings (8.5:1 Comp)

  • Spool H Beam Conrods with ARP 2000 Fastners

  • Rotating Assembly Fully Balanced

  • RossBond Race Balancer

  • ARP Head Studs

  • Crow 130lb Valve Springs

  • Lunati/Morel Link Bar Lifters

  • Heavy Walled Chrom Moly Pushrods

  • Yella Terra Roller Rockers

  • Custom Turbo Camshaft

  • Ported Cylinder Heads, Decked, Seats and Guides

  • Cometic MLS Head Gaskets

  • Double Row Timing Chain

  • Genuine Timing Case Cover Gasket Kit


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