Boost Ready 4.8/5.3 LS

Our Boost Ready Engines are built using all the best parts and we take extreme measures to make sure that they are built so that they can handle anything you can throw at them. We have the winning recipe for a strong, tough, small cube engine!


Our Boost Ready Engines have the following:

  • Stripped, Cleaned, Washed and Reassembled¬†

  • Ring Gap Opened to our Specifications

  • New Big End Bearings Fitted

  • ARP Head Studs & Rod Bolts

  • Genuine GM MLS Head Gaskets

  • Lunati/BTR Double Valve Spring Kit (Inc: Titanium Locks, Seats, Retainers and Viton Valve Stem Seals)

  • LS7 Lifters

  • Custom Turbo Specific Camshaft (Stage 2 or Stage 3 depending on set up)

  • Heavy Walled Chrome Moly Pushrods

  • Double Row Timing Chain

  • Mellings Oil Pump

  • All Clearances Checked

  • Timing Case Cover Gasket Kit

  • ARP Crank Bolt

  • New Rocker Cover Gaskets



Click here to Purchase : Boost Ready 4.8/5.3L


*These engines are built to order. Waiting periods apply.

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